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5 Trendiest Double Winged Eyeliner Styles For This Upcoming Festive Season

Makeup is the best thing any girl can wear. Makeup enhances the looks, brings out the personality and boosts confidence. Everyone has their personal favorite makeup style but what good is it if it isn’t up to date and trendy? Eyeliner is a very important step when it comes to gearing up. If you fail to apply a perfect thin line, forget it and jump up to the easier and more fashionable styles.  

If you are a makeup junkie like me, check out these awesome double winged eyeliner styles and try them out for this upcoming festive season!

Cat Eye Double Winged Liner

5 Trendiest Double Winged Eyeliner Styles

Cat eye makeup looks super gorgeous. Do you want to know what's even better? The smokey eyes with double winged cat eyeliner! Skip the norm and switch to this eyeliner style as it is the trendiest of all. Check out how Kim Kardashian wears this look pairing it with a glossy maroon lipstick. This eyeliner can be applied easily at home. Wear it at your birthday party and take everyone's breath away!

Double Liner: Fish Style

5 Trendiest Double Winged Eyeliner Styles

If you are an amateur at makeup and feel troublesome at applying the flawless plain black line from your gel eyeliner, this style is made for you. This double winged method is not hard to apply as it doesn’t require too much precision. Just use a thick line above the lid and a similar line below. Voila! Click away some cold snaps right away!

Two-Way Double Winged

5 Trendiest Double Winged Eyeliner Styles

The two-way double winged eyeliner is superbly chic. Although this style requires practice, the final look appears unique and elegant. Apply two parallel lines above and below the eyelids and make the corners pointy. Load your eyes with your favorite curling mascara and yay! Flaunt away.

Ombre Double Winged

5 Trendiest Double Winged Eyeliner Styles

If you want something distinctive and unique, this colorful eyeliner style is made for you. With a blend of various colors, this eyeliner application looks out-of-the-box and adorable. It can be created with any colors, two, three, four or even 5. You can even choose a single color and create different shades e.g. gray and black.

Simply apply a white eyeliner pencil on your upper lids. Choose your favorite eyeshades and start blending them onto the white line with a small brush. Once you are done, apply a thin line of your black gel liner on top of it and you will be good to go! For an even better appeal, apply the white pencil on the inner sides of the eyes.

Mélange: Double Liner

5 Trendiest Double Winged Eyeliner Styles

This eyeliner style might seem similar to the ordinary double winged liner, but the difference is the size of the winged lines. While the upper wing is slightly thicker, the lower line is lean. To achieve this look, apply a turquoise eyeshade and blend it with off-white. Simply use the mélange double winged eyeliner and unleash your beauty faux pas!

Well girls, now that you know these outstanding double liner tricks, we would love to see you try them and post pictures! Good Luck to all!

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