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Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash Review, Price, Details

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash Review, Price, Details

Hey all,

As you know, I like to keep experimenting with different facial cleansers. I have combination skin which has it’s own share of issues. Combination skin is tricky to take care of. My t-zone is oily which leads to occasional zits and pimples every now and then. On the other hand, I have couple of dry patches around my mouth and sides of nose. So my face wash has to remove excess sebum effectively in order to make the oily parts shine free. At the same time it should not be too harsh, otherwise the dry parts would get terribly dry.

So recently I had a chance to try out some products from the brand Aroma Essentials, including this Orange Splash face wash. Read on to know what has made me so addicted to it….

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash Review, Price, Details

Suitable for Skin Type: Pigmented skin, Normal to Dry skin
Contains: Orange Juice, Essential Oils
Functions: Helps in skin lightening, Citric acid balances the PH level of skin
Price: INR 95 for 30 gm

My Experience:

The face wash is an orange colored gel like product which comes housed in a transparent plastic bottle. The consistency is little thicker than other gel based products, rather the texture is more like mousse foundations… soft air whipped balm like. Because of the thick texture, it is hard to take out the product from the flip open cap, no matter how hard you squeeze the bottle. So I have to open the cap fully and take it out which sometimes end up disposing more quantity than I require.

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash Review, Price, Details

The thing I like the most about this facewash is it’s smell! It smells exactly like freshly squeezed orange juice! OMG I so love it! And it makes me hooked to this face wash! It is so refreshing! Everytime while massaging it on my skin, I feel a strong urge to drink it up which is so hard for me to resist. I love orange drinks by the way. And what makes me more happy is that, this yummy smell comes from all the natural ingredient like orange extract and orange juice that goes into the product, not from any artificial frangrance!

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash Review, Price, Details

Coming to the effectiveness. I generally take a pea sized amount and massage for 2 min on my wet skin followed by warm water rinse. I have been using it since last 2 weeks twice everyday and it has remarkably made my skin softer and smoother. I have open pores issue on my nose and inner part of cheeks which appear to be less visible (not sure if it is only because of this particular face wash or some other products which I have recently incorporated in my skincare regime. Details will come on this space soon. But at the end of the day, I definitely see my open pores shrinking, which is what matters to me!)

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash Review, Price, Details

This orange splash face wash specifically targets pigmented skin. Well, I do not have much pigmentation. But I can notice the pure orange juice doing its magic to brighten up my skin.

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash Review, Price, Details

Quick Recap:

  • 100% natural handmade facewash
  • Yummy orange smell
  • Cleans effectively
  • Does not strip off natural oil from my skin
  • Makes skin smoother, brighter and reduces pore size
  • Affordable
  • The flip opening cap does not work because of thick texture. Tube packaging would have been better.
  • Availability! They should start their own e-commerce site soon! OMG they have so many awesome products. Everyone needs to get easy access to them.
Final Word:

I do not expect any miracle form my face wash. It should just clean effectively without leaving stretchy feel. Also I search for refreshing smell when it comes to face washes, as it altogether makes me feel refreshed every time I wash my face. So this one perfectly fits the bill.

If you like 100% natural handmade skincare products which are safe yet effective, I urge you to try this face wash. Recommended!!

Where to Buy? You can contact them on the number 0776098872 and place order. Alternatively you can contact them through their Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

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