Monday, 4 April 2016

Make Your Online Shopping More Fun With

Hey there!

Raise your hand if you are an online shopping junkie, just like me!!

Yes, my favorite pass time is browsing through online shopping portals. If anything catches my fancy, I immediately save it for later or in my wishlist. And I keep checking my list every now and then for some nice deals and discounts :D

With the advancement of technology, online shopping is getting extremely popular day by day! Though it is awesome to head over to the nearest mall over the weekends and catch up with friends… BUT admit it, retail stores can never beat online price! And there is freedom to access online stores whenever and wherever we want! Be it from home or office or even when we are on vacation! They are open 24*7. Also we can go through thousands of products with different styles or color in a very short span of time. We don’t need the assistance of any sales persons for that. And last but not the least, online shopping is a blessing in disguise for people like me who hates crowd.

So in this post, I am introducing ShopBack India to let you guys know about some amazing benefits you can get while shopping online with :)

About The Site: is basically a cashback site. In simple words, they help online shoppers save money by reimbursing a portion of their online purchases as cashback

How It Works:

They have tied up with 300+ major online stores: Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Paytm, Snapdeal… Just to name a few! So when we shop from those sites through, they get commission from those sites for referring buyers. They share a part of that commission with us! Amaizng concept, isn’t it?
Make Your Online Shopping  More Fun With
Not only that, you can get this cashback benefit even when the product is already on a discounted price! Double treat :) :)

Get Started By Signing Up With

Let’s start with the benefits you would be getting, once you sign up!

Your account will instantly be credited with a sign up bonus of INR 100! Not only that, you will get upto 20% off on your first purchase from selected stores!!

To Sign up, follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Redirect to the website by clicking HERE
Step 2: Click on Sign up
Make Your Online Shopping  More Fun With
Step 3: Enter your Email ID and password and click on Sign up.
Step 4: Once you are done, check back your mail box. You should get a mail from with an activation link. Make sure you activate your account by clicking on that link. This step is important in order to get the sign up bonus in your account. 
Step 5: Once you are done with the above step, log in to your account and fill your account information and payment details! The cashback amount will be directly credited to your bank account !!
Make Your Online Shopping  More Fun With

How To Shop Online Through

Whenever you shop online, make sure you navigate to that shopping site through !! Let me show you how…
Step 1: Log in to your account 
Step 2: On top left, there will be a tab ‘Search Brand’. Type the name of the website you want to redirect to! Then click on search and it will fetch the desired website.
Make Your Online Shopping  More Fun With

Here I have typed ‘Amazon’ and notice it has fetched it in the search result! 

Make Your Online Shopping  More Fun With
Step 3: Click on the box marked in red above and it will show up another page with a link ‘Shop Now’.
Make Your Online Shopping  More Fun With
Once you click on that, a pop up window will come showing the details of all discounts and deals! Click on ‘Shop Now’ again and it will redirect you to the destination website.
Make Your Online Shopping  More Fun With

Make Your Online Shopping  More Fun With

Make Your Online Shopping  More Fun With

Now make sure you stay on this page until you complete the online purchase! If any technical issue happens in between, once again redirect from just to make sure you get the benefit of cashback money!!!

That is it, guys! Your cashback money will get reflected into your Shopback account within 3-4 days! The cashback amount is different for different online stores. Once the total amount reaches the threshold of 200 rupees, the amount will be deposited to your bank account!! 

So what are you thinking? Start using shopback today and make your online shopping experience more fun!

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