Sunday, 27 March 2016

6 Month Blogversary Giveaway Reminder

Hey all!!

Before everything else, a big Thank You to everyone who has participated in my giveaway!! I am really overwhelmed by the massive response I have been getting from you guys! It really means a lot to me and I love you all <3

For those who still have not entered, I am hosting a blog giveaway in order to celebrate my 6 months of blogging!! The giveaway will run till 30th of March and winner will be announced on 31st !! So please do participate, invite your friends as well to join you and have fun :)

You can find all the giveaway related details by clicking HERE or by CLICKING ON THE BELOW IMAGE !!

Note: I have been observing that some of the participants are liking the blog Facebook page and following on Instagram just for the sake of  entering the giveaway and unfollowing later on! Let's all of us remember that, every action is getting recorded and doing so will not only disqualify from this current giveaway, but also will block that participant from all future giveaways! Please do participate only if you like my blog, really want to support me and help me grow further :) :)

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