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Maybelline White Superfresh Compact 'Shell' Review | Better than L'Oreal Matte Magique Compact ?

Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

Hey girls!

Today’s review is about a newly launched compact powder by Maybelline, White SuperFresh ! At the first glance, I felt there was no shade in the range which can match to my skin. But after hearing lot of good reviews, I decided to give it another shot! If you have read my fun Sunday post , you might be knowing that I got the medium shade from the array of 3 shades, named ‘Shell’.

Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

Also you might have known from THIS, THIS and THIS posts, that I had recently found my HG compact in L’Oreal Matte Magique . So I will make this post as a comparison between these two compacts! 

Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

Hope you will find it useful! Also if you have not tried any of these two powders and confused which one to get, I hope this post will help you decide on your purchase!

Let’s move on to the review:


Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

Maybelline one looks classy with all white round pan packaging! The huge mirror attached inside is definitely a thoughtful idea! BUT there is only one compartment for both the powder and the puff! I somehow like my compact to have separate compartments! Because when we are outside and need to touch up with powder, we mostly use the sponge applicator itself! I don’t like the idea of that retouched sponge getting in contact with the powder!

Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

 Coming to the sponge applicator provided. I could not make the Maybelline sponge work for me! It is too thin and not as soft as I would like my sponge to be! Whereas the L’Oreal one is of very good quality and I have using it with all my powders I have currently!

So my vote goes for L’Oreal in this aspect!


Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

The texture of the Maybelline powder is the most disappointing thing! It is too powdery and applies as dry as desert on my moisturized combination skin. On the other hand, L’Oreal one gives creamy velvety finish and glides like butter against the skin.

Another vote goes to L’Oreal!


Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

L’Oreal one fares way way better! It gives enough coverage at a single go! It is quite buildable and does not cake up that way!

On the other hand, Maybelline one goes sheerer and not that buildable because of dry texture! I tried building it up but it accentuated my dry patches.

L’Oreal gets one more vote!

Oil Control and Staying Power:

Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

L’Oreal one is hands down the winner here! It is one of the best powders I have used as far as controlling sebum and oil is concerned. Maybelline one is nothing more than average. It brings back oil after 2.5-3 hours of application, even in these dry winter days! I wonder how it will survive in hot summery days.

Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review


Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

L’Oreal has launched 5 shades based on warm , neutral and cool undertones! Whereas Maybelline has launched just three shades! So chances are more that you will get a better match with L’Oreal.

Quick Checkpoints:

What I like about Maybelline Compact:
  • Sturdy packaging, does not look cheap as well
  • Very well priced
  • 3 shades will cover a wide spectrum of skin color because of sheer coverage
  • Did not break me out or irritate my sensitive skin
Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review
Swatch Comparison: Left MAC SFF NC30, Right Maybelline White SuperFresh Compact 'Shell'

What I do not like about Maybelline Compact:
  • Feels powdery and dry
  • Accentuates dry patches if layered
  • Sponge is useless
  • Very sheer to almost no coverage
  • Oil controlling property is not that great
Maybelline WHITE SUPERFRESH Compact 'Shell' Review

Final Word:

This compact simply did not work for me :( Or may be L’Oreal Matte Magique compact has set such a high benchmark that this one could not stand up to it!

You can still go ahead and give it a try. I know many folks who have been loving this powder! Even if it does not work, you won’t have much to regret because of it’s affordability!

Rating: 2.5/5 ( Only because the huge mirror will come in use later for touch ups and it costs just 150 bucks!!)


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