Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tip of the Week Vol. 4 | A Lipstick Hack for Patchy/ Pigmented Lips

Hello lovelies!

I am back once again with my favorite series of posts! Today’s talk is about a tried and tested lipstick hack for patchy / pigmented lips.

My lips are very prone to dryness and they are sensitive to lot of lip products! They often suffer from extreme dryness, stretchy feeling and patchiness. So applying lipstick becomes difficult as matte formulas feel really uncomfortable L Creamy ones provide moisture but they look uneven because of patchiness L L

A lipstick Hack for Patchy/ Pigmented Lips with compact powder

So what I have been doing in order to address this issues is, applying a coat of compact powder on my lips first followed by lipstick! I use the same L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique compact that I use for face and apply it with the sponge / dab it with fingertip. Sometimes I apply a very thin coat of lip balm on top of it, but I make sure I do not wipe the compact powder off! Next I apply lipstick, preferably one with creamy formula. I keep reapplying as long as I do not achieve desired color pay off.

I know, many of us apply foundation instead of powder for the same purpose! I too tried that and found the foundation to be little difficult to blend into my lips K K

A lipstick Hack for Patchy/ Pigmented Lips with compact powder

This compact powder hack totally works for me! It not only takes care of patchy lips, but also brings the true color of the lipstick shade out (which is very important for pigmented lips)! Additionally, it takes off excess creaminess of the lippie, therefore making it less prone to bleeding or transferring! I generally do make sure to exfoliate and moisturize my lips before applying powder.

A lipstick Hack for Patchy/ Pigmented Lips with compact powder
Above swatches are to show you how the dry patches and pigmentations of my lips are nicely taken care by this compact powder trick! I am wearing Maybelline Colorshow liptick in the shade Choco-latte which is one of my favorite lipsticks and has a great creamy formula...
As it is winter, so most of you might be facing similar lip issues. This is one really inexpensive hack which does not require any separate product and works pretty well J
I would love to know if you would try this! Also, if you know any other fix which works for you, please share with us by dropping a comment below J J

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