Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fab Bag October 2015 | Review, Price, Product Details

Fab BAg October 2015 Review Price Product Details

Hey all!

Apologies for being super late to review October Fab Bag. I know it is November already L
I was off home, so could not coordinate with the courier person to get my bag. Now I am back to Bangalore and finally my Fab Bag reached my hand! Better late than never, right?

So without any more blabbering, let’s get into the business.

The Pouch:

Fab BAg October 2015 Review Price Product Details

This month’s bag is themed as ‘Get Set to Celebrate’ to rejoice the festivity. To keep sync with it, this month’s bag has a very elegant ethnic touch to it. The red and bright pink pouch with a golden jari border will go extremely well with almost all ethnic outfits! But it is not as specious as other earlier pouches. Though I like the festive feel to it, but definitely not the best Fab Bag pouch.

The Products:

Fab Bag October 2015 Review Price Product Details

Fab Bag introduced two new brands Spa Ceylon and Palmer’s. I got total 4 products in my bag, with only one full sized product, which is a bit disappointing! I was expecting to get at least 2 full sized products.

Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Relief:

Fab BAg October 2015 Review Price Product Details

This came in a securely sealed shiny green tub containing 50gm of product. 300 ml full size product costs INR 1100. This is basically a cooling foot scrub. My feet are terribly ignored. Though I enjoy monthly pedicure sessions at salons, but personally I put almost zero effort to take care of them. So I hope my tired feet will thank me for this scrub pampering. Waiting to try this over the weekend!

Fab BAg October 2015 Review Price Product Details

Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub:

Fab BAg October 2015 Review Price Product Details

Honestly, I do not think any face scrub can do anything better to my skin than my HG Biotique Bio Papaya Anti Tan scrub. But still this face scrub excites me because it looks very herbal and foaming face scrub is something I have never tried before. 200 gm full sized scrub comes at INR 900. I got a sample 30 ml tub.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion:

Fab BAg October 2015 Review Price Product Details

I have heard quite a lot of good things about this brand and their body lotions. Thanks to Fab Bag for bringing Palmer’s to India and making it widely available. Though I am not much fond of body lotions. I am more of a body oil person. But now that Winter is around the corner, I am hoping to make use of this goodie! 400 ml of full sized bottle costs INT 545 which is quite affordable. I got a cute 50 ml bottle of it. Can be a nice companion at my office desk to heal my uber dry hands!

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick:

Fab BAg October 2015 Review Price Product Details

Last and only full sized product I got in my bag. I was not expecting this lipstick as I have seen other bloggers getting pretty looking liquid blushes in their bags! But lipsticks always make me happy happy J J I got the shade Ruby, which apparently looks like a coral-ish red shade from the sticker pasted at the back. I will confirm on it once I break the seal. Price INR 1500.

Fab BAg October 2015 Review Price Product Details

Overall Thought:

I won’t say I am disappointed as the sample sized products that I got are good enough to try and test. I do not own any mineral makeup, so the lipstick will be a nice addition to my vanity. Also I am quite excited about the foot scrub and the foaming face scrub! Keeping fingers crossed!

Thoughts on this Fab Bag? Comment!!


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