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My Foundation Stash | Tips and Tricks

Best foundations for oily combination acne prone skin review swatch details

Hello beauties,

In today’s post I will share my collection of foundations, mini reviews on each one of them and few foundation tricks that I have learnt over the years!

Foundation is the first step towards achieving a flawless base. And when you have a flawless canvas then only other creativities will show up more vibrantly. No matter how perfectly you have done your eye makeup or how amazing lipstick shade you have applied, they would not show up much if your base is patchy or uneven or all that sort.

I remember getting a Maybelline one as my first ever foundation as a teenager! I forgot the exact name and I guess it is out of the market presently! It used to come in a nice tube packaging, somewhat similar to their BB cream. I cannot remember how the shade used to look on my skin and all, as it happened long long ago!

I used to have really oily skin during my teen age years and that sometimes used to result in occasional break outs and pimples! Eventually my life got hectic due to studies and all and I could rarely take out time for skincare or makeup. Years after I again treated myself with the second bottle of foundation, Revlon colorstay. Back then I did not have so much knowledge about makeup and I just got a random shade which SA recommended me! And that shade made me look like more yellower than a jaundice patient! It was such a shade mismatch disaster! Haha silly me!

Gone are those days, guys!

Ok enough of my foundation story. Let’s get back to the point. Currently I proudly own 3 foundations. Let’s get started one by one.

Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse foundation:

Lakme absolute mattreal mousse foundation review swatch details

This was one of the Lakme products to become a huge hit in the market, when Lakme revamped themselves as Lakme Absolute with gorgeous Kareena Kapoor as the brand ambassador! The shiny gunmetal round ball like packaging is so hard to resist! The product itself is like a whipped cream. As Lakme describes, it is velvety soft and smooth. You just need to make few dots with it over your face. Then start slapping the product gently against the skin and it will just disappear into your skin!  I love the velvety matte finish it gives. It is oil free and provides great oil control! On humid summer days, this is the product I reach out for. SPF 8 is definitely an added bonus. Being so light weight, it does not provide much coverage, just blurs the imperfections. I would say it evens out my skin tone nicely and looks very natural, especially during day time wear. I use the shade 01 Ivory Fair which is a good match for me as well!

It’s a 5/5 product and a must have for me!

Price: INR 700 for 25gm

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation:

Maybelline dream liquid mousse foundation review swatch details

This is one of the favorite budget foundations of many makeup gurus. It’s a medium coverage one which gives satiny dewy airbrush finish. It can be built up to get full coverage by layering on. The formula is quite hydrating and forgiving on the skin. It neither gets flaky nor highlights dry patches. It is little heavy for my combination skin in hot humid summer days but makes an excellent choice for winters! It neither controls oil nor does it claim to do so. So oily skinned girls need to test it out somehow before buying.

Maybelline dream liquid mousse foundation review swatch details

 It is  one of those rare drugstore foundations which come in a convenient pump bottle, therefore making it fall in travel friendly category. My only issue with this is the limited shade selection. Most of the shades it offers lacks sufficient yellow undertone for Indian complexion. The shade I use is LIGHT 3.5 Nude Beige which is tad bit pinkier and lighter than my skintone but kind of works upon blending.

I would rate it as 3.8/5.

Price: INR 625 for 30ml.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid:

Mac studio fix fluid foundation review swatch details

No makeup enthusiast needs any more introduction of this foundation. It is a matte finish liquid foundation with pretty awesome oil controlling capability. Therefore it is an obvious top choice for oily skinned beauties. The coverage it provides is really heavy duty, which conceals literally every flaw. It can even conceal deep scars or cut marks to a reasonable extent. I do not have seriously problematic skin (touchwood). So this baby totally eliminates the need of using a separate concealer along with this. It is very pigmented and oil free. So if you have oily skin which is prone to acne or breakouts and you have bit of acne scars to cover up, I bet no other foundation could be better than this. Being low on SPF content it photographs beautifully as well. The shade range it offers is tremendously wide, making you bound to find an exact match. I use NC30 which is a match made in heaven for my skintone.

The only downside I can find is, it does not come with a pump bottle. The bottle has pretty wide opening and it becomes difficult to control the quantity of the product you are taking out. We need to buy pump bottle separately which will cost additional 700 bucks.

Rating: 5/5 (Wish I  could give a 10/5 :p)

Price: INR 2250 for 30ml

Few Foundation Tips that Work for Me:

  • I always ALWAYS prep my skin well before applying foundation. I make sure to cleanse and tone my skin followed by adequate moisturisation. Otherwise liquid foundation may settle into dry areas making it look very unflattering. 
  • If the foundation formula is thich and heavy like MAC SFF, I make sure to apply it with a brush, not with my fingers. Blending is always more even and streak free this way. Otherwise it makes the foundation appear as a mask on top of my skin. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is my favorite for this purpose. 
  • If I wear foundation during day time I make sure to dilute a bit with moisturizer to make it appear more natural. 
  • I do not believe in buying foundation lighter or darker than my original skin color. I always swatch the tester along my jawline in the store and make sure to check it out in natural light as well. If I buy any high end brand, I always ask for samples before buying the full sized product. 
  • While applying foundation on my face, I always make sure to dab some on my neck and ears as well. Otherwise it might make the skin looking dual toned which is obviously not desirable.
So girlies, I hope you liked my compilation and got some inspiration too for your next foundation purchase. Do share if you have any story related to liquid foundation. I would love to know it :D

Until next time, stay healthy and stay beautiful!

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