Friday, 30 October 2015

AVON Ultra Color Lipstick 'Hot Pink' Review, Swatch, FOTD

AVON Ultra Color Lipstick Hot Pink Review Swatch Details Price

Hola dearies!

Continuing with the festive spirit, I will talk about a hot pink lipstick shade in today’s post.
So ladies, here’s presenting the object of discussion, AVON Ultra Color lipstick in the shade ‘Hot Pink’.

Being a lipstick lover, it’s always a delight for me to try out lip colors with different textures and shades. The color pink is close to every girls’ heart and I am no exception. Pink is my first choice when it comes to coloring my pout!

I was thinking to get a bright fuschia pink lipstick shade to compliment my festive outfits and suddenly got remembered of this lippie which was lying in my stash for quite some time. So without wasting any time, let’s straightaway get into the review!

What AVON Website Says ..

Reveal your most color rich lips with new Ultra Color Lipstick. Infused with natural ingredients, the stay true formula nourishes your lips and provides vibrant color. With 61 gorgeous true color shades designed for every skin tone, it’s easy to find your match.

3 Fabulous finishes: Satin, Shimmer & Soft Matte

AVON Ultra Color Lipstick Hot Pink Review Swatch Details Price

Price: INR 356 for 3.8gm of product. I got it at a deal price of INR 259!

My Experience with the Product:


The lipstick bullet comes in a shiny black cylindrical case with square shaped outer wall! The tip of the cap is transparent which makes easier to find the shade if you own more than one of them. The base has the shade name and quantity labelled on it.


This particular shade belongs to satin category. From the swatch it is very evident that the formula is very creamy and does not require any lip balm underneath. Due to its creaminess, it tends to melt at times, especially during summer if not refrigerated and during travel. Also it bleeds sometimes if not set with lip liner or loose powder.

AVON Ultra Color Lipstick Hot Pink Review Swatch Details Price


True to its name, it is a hot pink shade. Neither very cool toned, nor very warm either. A blue based purplish pink which looks gorgeous against yellowish skin tone.

AVON Ultra Color Lipstick Hot Pink Review Swatch Details Price


Pigmentation is decent enough to give full coverage in 2-3 swipes. How I like to wear it is, dotting all over my lips and then dabbing with fingertip. I keep doing it until the desired intensity is built up. This application method also tones down the extra creaminess.

Staying power:

Like any other creamy lip color formula, it does not stay longer than 3-4 hours. Also it transfers quite a lot if not blotted. But it fades away evenly which does not look that bad. I do not mind reapplying my lipsticks as otherwise I would not have been able to finish them off before expiry!

AVON Ultra Color Lipstick Hot Pink Review Swatch Details Price
Here is how the lipstick looks on me under different lighting conditions!
1. Under artificial light 2. Natural day light 3. Lip swatch in natural day light

Summing up pros and cons for quick reference:

  • Creamy formula. Boon for dry lips
  • Stunning hot pink shade
  • Decent pigmentation, covers unevenness and patchiness of the lips well
  • Inexpensive

  • Does bleed and melt due to creaminess
  • Poor staying power
  • Might wash out dusky skin tones
  • Available only through AVON representatives

Final word:

Despite all the cons mentioned above, this lippie is still worth owning in your collection because of the shade. It is quite close and, to the best of my knowledge, the only drugstore dupe of an iconic MAC lipstick Flat Out Fabulous, one of the most raved about hot pink shades.

Rating: 3.5/5

Bye for now! See you soon J

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