Friday, 25 September 2015

Za True White Cleansing Foam Review

Za True White Cleansing Foam Review Price Details

Hello beautifuls!

Today I have put my current favorite face wash Za True White Cleansing Foam under the review scanner.

I have sensitive acne prone skin. And when it comes to skin care, I do not like experimenting much. Rather I incline to stick to a regime that works for me. But if at all I want to try out something different for my skin, that usually happens to be face wash!

Za is an in-house brand of iconic Japanese skincare and makeup giant Sheseido. If you know my present-day skincare routine, you might also know that Za True White Emulsion is the product I have been using as serum. It turned out to be so good that it eventually made me interested to try out some more products from Za True White range.

Za True White Cleansing Foam Review Price Details

I was switching between two OK OK face washes and was searching for something better. Then Nykaa Independence sale happened at the perfect time and I decided to grab the deal! So it has been quite some time with this face wash and I have tested it in and out for stating my views! Has it ended my hunt for HG facial cleanser? Read on…

What Za India Website Says about it

This brightening Cleansing Foam is enriched with ZA Prism Enhancing System that enhances brightness and clarity. Its effective Vitamin C granules smoothly removes excess cells containing melanin for touchable soft skin, removing impurities leaving skin feeling refreshed.

Price: INR 199 for 50gm

Za True white Cleansing Foam Review Details Price

My Experience with the Product:


It comes in a tube form with a flip cap which shuts with a click. The white plastic tube with pink writing up on it makes it quite classy and purposeful! the nozzle dispenses the right amount of product every time you sqeeze the tube! You will find product details, ingredient list and all other information printed right on the tube. Because of its compact size and secured cap locking mechanism, it is fairly travel friendly as well!


It is a milky white cream based cleanser with tiny yellow granules floating all over which gives mild scrubbing effect. I take a pea sized amount and work on my wet face to produce rich lather out of it. Being a cream based product, it definitely lathers better than the gel counterparts. I actually like face washes which lathers up well because it gives my skin that squeaky clean feel post washing! 

Za True white Cleansing Foam Review Details Price

Cleansing Efficiency and Post Results:

It does deep pore cleansing, removing the last bit of makeup as well, since it lathers so richly. But to my surprise, it does not dry out my skin or causes stretchy feel! Though the scrubbing effect is too mild to skip a separate scrub, but it does not claim to do so, right? So no nags on that aspect!
It certainly imparts glow and brightness to my otherwise tired and dull skin post washing. My pores appear to be reduced in size and my skin feels fresh and tightened! The fresh feminine smell of the product is an added plus point! And Shiseido is categorized as more of a high end brand. So from that prospective, I found it to be very reasonably priced too.

Summing up pros and cons for quick reference:

  • Deep cleansing action
  • Does not make my skin dry or stretchy
  • brings brightness and glow post wash
  • No side effects, no additional breakouts or irritations
  • Secure packaging
  • Affordable

  • Lots of chemicals!! I prefer herbal skincare products, as I already put quite a bit of chemicals on my skin everyday in the form of makeup :( :(

Overall Thought:

For me it delivers pretty much everything I expect from my face wash, Right from the deep cleansing to pore tightening and post wash glow. This has become my current favorite face wash for all right reasons. I will surely and most definitely repurchase this unless something else catches my fancy! Highly recommend irrespective of skin types!!

Rating: 4.8/5 (-.2 because of the presence of loads of chemicals in the ingredient list)

Where to buy: Flipkart

Bye bye folks, see you again :)


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