Sunday, 20 September 2015

Tip of the Week: Vol 3

Best Makeup Remover Baby Oil

Hey lovelies!

I am back with this series of post where I share quick easy beauty hacks!

Basically what I am going to share today is how I like to remove my makeup. No, there is no expensive makeup remover involved in it. Instead, what I use is an ordinary product with some extra-ordinary benefits! Baby oil!

Baby oil is a staple product in my essential skincare vanity. It has numerous beauty benefits. Being designed for babies, it is extremely gentle and safe to use. I use this miraculous product for at least 10 different purposes. I will come to that later. For now I will just demonstrate how I use it as a makeup remover!

So when I head back home after a long hectic work schedule or from a fun weekend outing or whatever it is, what all it takes to remove the makeup I was wearing for the day is just a few drops of this oil. I take the oil out on my palm, dip my clean fingertips into it and start spreading it all over my face. I apply some on my cheeks, some on my eye areas, some on lips, some on forehead and so on. After that I start massaging my face gently with the oil. It melts down my entire base, be it a heavy duty foundation, mousse or light weight BB cream. Once that is done, I start working on my eyes. I run my fingers gently through my eyelashes and on my waterline and this way it removes all traces of waterproof mascara and smudge proof kajal. While doing this, sometimes little bit of oil might get into the contact with my eyes, especially when I work along the waterline. But trust me, it never irritates my sensitive eyes.  Lastly I rub my fingers on my lips to remove the lip color.

So now I am done with the massage. At this stage all the colors I had on my eyes and lips have melted down and come on my skin, making my face scary. But nothing to worry, I will wash it off with my favorite face wash.

Best Makeup Remover Baby Oil

Best Makeup Remover Baby Oil
This is how my face looks once everything is blended together with the oil! Scary, I know.. but never mind, I wash everything up ultimately :D

Best Makeup Remover Baby Oil
It should look like this after the face wash followed by warm water rinse! Clear soft and supple skin !

At times, when my skin goes on little bit drier side, I like to keep the oil this way for couple of minutes. Otherwise I straightaway go ahead with the face wash followed by a warm water rinse. Tada!!  Bye-bye makeup and welcome cleansed soft and supple skin!!

This oil cleansing method offers several benefits over ordinary makeup removers. I feel it is safer to use on your skin. Most of the baby oils are enriched with Vitamin E which is an added nutrition we can provide our skin while removing makeup. And I personally feel washing face after this oil cleansing makes my skin softer and healthier. Some people might think that being an oil, it might break out the skin. But what I can say from my personal experience is, I have acne prone skin and this baby oil has never caused any form of irritation or breakouts. It is so gentle and lightweight! People with dry skin can use heavier oils like coconut oil for the same purpose and it works equally well! And last but not the least, it comes way cheaper than normal makeup removers! So you can save that extra buck to splurge on that expensive lipstick or that eye shadow palette you have been eyeing on since long :p

So ladies, time to ditch that bottle of makeup remover and start pampering your skin with the goodness of oil!

Hope you liked this trick. Do try and share your experience!! 

Lots of love,

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