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burst of happyness Lucky Lips Lip Balm Review

burst of happyness lucky lips lip balm review swatch buy online

Hi everyone!

This post is going to be about a lip balm from the brand burst of happyness! I have already showed on this blog that this was a part of my September beauty haul.

burst of happyness lucky lips lip balm review swatch buy online

As I said it before, I am very particular when it comes to lip balms. Any kind of tinted lip balms cause irritation to my sensitive lips for some unknown reasons. So when it comes to balms, I always tend to stick to the clear ones. I have seen lot of good reviews about this lip balm and it has got a really interesting ingredient list. Also, the brand claims to make all natural vegan and handmade goodies. Being a sucker for all things natural, I had to give it a try. Read on to know my experience with this baby.

Product Description:

An all natural creamy vegan lip balm to pamper your lips.
Cocoa butter, Almond Oil and Olive oil - all put together to make one potent balm. Also contains Grapefruit Essential oil which has a citrus, fruity, fragrance .The moisturizing and healing properties of all these ingredients will be a real treat.
This product is vegan, not tested on animals, truly natural and free from any chemicals or preservatives. It has been made from scratch using simple ingredients with extraordinary benefits.

burst of happyness lucky lips lip balm review swatch buy online

Key Ingredients:
Olive oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, candelilla, castor oil, grapefruit essential oil

Price: INR 90 for 10gm of product.

My thoughts on this product:


The tiny little tub with colorful label on it looks kind of cute. But I prefer my lip balm to be in stick form for hygiene issue. Tub is made of some good quality plastic material and the screw cap shuts securely to prevent spillage of the product. It is travel friendly and not at all bulky to carry around. But it requires digging of your finger into the product for application. So it might not come handy on the go.


The texture is interesting! Upon touching, it feels very waxy. But after rubbing fingertip on the upper surface, the formula kind of melts down to oil. Because of the oily texture, it spreads evenly on lips. It does not feel sticky or waxy at all on the lips. Rather it feels like I have applied some lightweight oil , like almond oil or something like that!

burst of happyness lucky lips lip balm review swatch buy online


Though I personally like this lightweight oily formula, but it may not be liked by those having severe chapped lip issue. The moisturization it provides is not heavy duty because of its thin texture. So if you like your lip balms to be insanely hydrating, this may not be for you!
For the same reason, it does not stay for very long. I feel the need to reapply in every 2-3 hours. But on the other hand, it makes a good choice to be applied underneath matte lipsticks. Because it is not overly hydrating, so it does not tend to change the matte texture of the lipsticks, which is great! You gain something, you lose something, right?


Though it appears to be faint yellow in the pot, but it does not have any color to it which is a boon for me. But I have found a way to make my own tinted lip balm out of it! What I basically do is swipe a little amount of my favorite lipstick on my palm and then I take this lip balm and mix it with the lipstick. Voila! My DIY customized tinted lip balm is ready!

burst of happyness lucky lips lip balm review swatch buy online


I love the smell. The brand describes the smell as citrus-y fruity kind of.  It is very refreshing, very summery! Reminds me of some precious blend of essential oils.

Summing up pros and cons for quick reference:

  • All natural and cruelty free
  • Non tinted  (I know it is a con for some. But that is how I like it J )
  • Refreshing smell
  • Good for applying underneath matte lipsticks
  • Easy on pocket
  • Easily available from the website and the delivery is quite fast
  • Light texture, suitable for all seasons

  • Tub packaging
  • Not heavily moisturizing

Overall thoughts:

I think this is a nice product to have, especially if you are a natural herbal product lover. It preps the lips nicely for lipsticks and that is my favorite way of using this goodie! Lastly, the tub looks cute enough to flaunt in the restrooms, if you know what I mean :p

Where to buy:

Rating: 3.8/5

Until next time .... take care and stay beautiful :)

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