Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blog Update !!

Hello dearies!

I have a little blog update to announce for! Finally it has moved to custom domain.

So introducing my blog in its all new avatar : Kohl and Stilettos

Blogger or Wordpress are great free platforms for bloggers who are just starting out! But they have their own share of drawbacks as well L Getting my own domain was always in my mind. But I was not ready for it to happen so early. It has not been even two months since I have started my venture into the blogging world. I have learnt a lesson and my small piece of advice to other fellow bloggers: if you take your blog seriously then get a domain for it! In that way your blog will always be in safe side not to have any conflict with other unknown sources !!

Enough of serious talks, coming to the background behind the name ‘Kohl and Stilettos’! It is coined by a very dear friend of mine who knows my obsession with shoes and high heels and who thinks kohl is very apt for my big beautiful eyes (this is what exactly she said, I am not praising myself, okay! :p)

Lastly, I can’t thank you enough guys, for all your kind support and love you have shown me in my journey so far! I am sure this will further strengthen me to go forward J

I love you all <3

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