Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tip of the Week: Vol 1

Hello Girlies!

This short post is going to be about a tip to fix cracked lips. You might have read in my skincare post that my lips sometimes behave in all weird ways. My lips are sensitive to few ingredients. Using any tinted lip balm or few lipstick brands make them unusually dry and rough with ugly black patches all over. Recovering from that tragedy to the normal state generally takes time. So I have found few DIY tricks over the years which not only work for me, but also help to restore healthy lips and heal cracks.

All you need to follow this trick is few drops of Almond oil. This is a must have in my beauty kit. Almond oil is rich in antioxidant with high content of Vitamin E, protein, fat and many more essential nutrients. I take few drops of oil and massage my lips with my finger tips for a couple of minutes before hitting the bed. And Voila! Lips feel so soft and supple in the next morning. Following this regularly will definitely show some good results including smoothness, evenness, lesser pigmentation, natural pink hue on your lips and the list goes on…

So girls, this was my tip of this week and I hope it was helpful. Do follow this tip if you have tricky lip issues and let me know in the comment section if you get benefitted by it J
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