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My Top Sunscreen Picks for Oily-Combination Skin

Hello readers!

Today’s post will be a compilation of my favorite sunscreens.

We all know how important it is to include a good quality sunscreen in our daily skin care. Before we step out, we should always make it a point to slather a layer of sunscreen irrespective of the season. Investing in a sunscreen is the first step you can take to prevent premature skin ageing. I have combination skin with oily t-zone which gets tanned pretty quickly. I have been using sunscreens since my school days and over all these years I have tried and tested almost all the brands available in the market! Back then, options were very limited and I can remember getting a Lakme one as my first ever sunscreen. But I never liked the strong chemical scent they used to come with. Then I was introduced to Lotus sunscreens and there was no look back ever since !!

Currently I am a proud owner of 3 sunscreens and I am enjoying all of them depending on how much time I am going to get exposed to the sun outdoors.

Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock:

Lotus Herbals make some most amazing sunscreens available in the market. They offer sunscreens for different skin types, different textures, different amount of SPF content etc. this one is probably the best selling one from the brand and a cult favorite of oily-combination skinned girls. I have lost count of how many tubes of this sunscreen I have used up in my college days. The first thing which sets the deal is that it is a mattifying sunscreen. I have come across lot of sunscreens which used to make my face like an oil producing factory. In addition to that, it has a slight peachy tint to it which gives light coverage. On a good skin day, all you need is a dab of powder on top of this sunscreen and you are all set! And most importantly, I love its herbal sandalwood smell. It provides adequate protection against sun with SPF 40 PA+++. 100 gm tube costs INR 345.

Where to buy: Easily available in beauty stores. You can buy online from Amazon and Flipkart .

Lotus Herbals COLLAGENSHIELD Sunblock:

I picked up this one during my recent beach holiday, thinking that I would be spending lot of time on the beach under the sun and people generally tend to get more tanned in beaches. It comes with SPF 90, one of the highest rated SPF in Indian market. It claims to have Soy protein and Aloe Vera extracts to hydrate and replenish the skin. It fares really well in terms of long lasting sun protection. It has more color than SPF 40 one, giving higher coverage and it is more yellow too. So it acts almost as a light weight foundation or BB cream. It is much thicker than SPF 40 one and slightly sticky in texture. Not a deal breaker, just be sure to give it some time to settle before you powder! 50gm tube retails for INR 595.

Where to buy: Available in stores as well as on Flipkart at a discounted rate.

La Shield Sunscreen Gel:

My dermatologist recommended this one few months ago. It is a gel based, oil free sunscreen with fluffy cream kind of consistency. It gets spread on the skin nicely and takes little time to absorb. It is absolutely brilliant, I would say. I have never seen such a multi-tasking product. For me it is hydrating enough to skip moisturizer. I can see silicon is mentioned in the ingredient list. That makes it work as a primer too! It smoothens the appearance of my skin, blurs the imperfections and fills open pores really well! I even use it in the evening time before makeup to get the goodness of priming properties it has. A pea sized amount is good enough for the entire face. 60gm tube costs INR 650 ( I think they hiked the price recently). I know it is pricey as a sunscreen but it is worth every buck you spend!

Where to buy: Available at selected medical stores and on Flipkart .

Few useful tips about sunscreens and sun protection:

Ø  Always pick sunscreen which suits your skin type. Dry skin beauties should go for cream based products whereas oily skinned girls should stick to water or gel based ones.

Ø  Do not skip sunscreen on cloudy days.

Ø  If you have sensitive skin, go for herbal sunscreen enriched with ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Cucumber extracts, etc.

Ø  Make sure to apply sunscreen on all your exposed body parts including neck, arms, feet etc.

Ø  Carefully choose the amount of SPF content in your sunscreen. Higher the SPF, higher is the sun protection- this is where we go wrong with sunscreens guys. Your sunscreen should have right amount of SPF depending on how long you are spending under the sun and of course your skin type. If you have oily skin, then high content of SPF will make your skin greasy. For everyday use, anything with SPF 30-40 should do.

Ø  If your skin gets oily after applying sunscreen, try this trick. Take few drops of product on your palms, rub it and apply on slightly wet face in upward strokes. Your skin will absorb sufficient amount of product to stay protected under the sun.

Ø  Do not let your sun tan age. It is difficult to get rid of old tan. Once you get a tan, immediately try some de-tan home remedy or go for an anti-tan salon treatment. Regular scrubbing also helps.

So, these are my top sunscreen picks for oily combination skin. As of now I am in love with the La shield one. If I ever get bored of it and want to try something different I would pick up either L'Oreal ParisUV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF 30 Pa+++ or Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry touch Sunblock SPF 50+. What is your sunscreen story? Do share in the comment section!!

Before I finish, let me tell you that I really enjoy talking to you through my blog and I will be back as soon as I can with another post !
Until then, take care and stay beautiful!
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