Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Current Skincare Routine

Hello all beautiful people out there!!
In my last post I talked about my favorite skin care products and the brands I like to use. In this post, I will cover my current skincare routine in details. This is the routine I have been following for quite a long time and my skin is behaving much better than before. So I thought of sharing my regime with you all as my routine is pretty basic, easy-peasy and does not include any high end brands.

My skin type and skin concerns:
Let me start describing my skin type and my major concerns. I have oily to combination skin. My T-zone tends to get oily most of the times and I have few dry patches as well, like the area around my mouth. I used to have serious acne issue during my teenage days. Now in my early twenties my skin concerns are different which mostly includes keeping a check on the size of open pores, fading away few brown acne marks I have on my chin and along jawline and keeping  my skin well-hydrated all the time. I follow a basic CTM routine twice a day and in this post I will show you what all the products I use.

How I like to store my skincare products:

I like to keep all my skincare products in this small pouch which I think is a good idea because in this way you will always have all things you need in a single place. Another advantage is that it helps you save a lot of time when you have to pack your things if you are travelling. I have a fetish for this kind of small colorful pouches and I have lost count of how many of them I won. I maintain separate pouches to store my skincare, hair care and makeup products. Can’t live without them!


I will start with the face washes I use. I have been using Pond’s pure white deep cleansing facial foam with activated carbon for ages. Few months back when L’Oreal launched their skin perfect range targeting specific problems we women face at different ages, I found the concept unique and bought this pimple reduction and whitening facial foam. Ever since I have been using both of them depending on whichever is available in my stash. Both are really inexpensive, easily available, lathers well leaving squeaky clean feel and do not irritate or dry out my skin.
Another good product I have included in my regime few months back after consulting my dermatologist which is Sebamed facial foam. It is a foam based cleanser and I like to use it as a treatment post washing my face with face wash. I will probably do a separate review post featuring this one single product. This is THE star product in my regime!


I have few open pores around my nose and inner side of my cheeks. To keep them in check and maintain ph balance of my skin, I always make it a point to tone my skin after washing. I have two toners with me now and both are from the same brand Fabindia. I like to use herbal toner because they are free form alcohols. I use the rose water toner most of the time, mix it in my facepack, or just spray it for instant freshness. Tea tree one I keep for those times when I get break outs.


I believe moisturizing is the key to a healthy looking skin. The way I like to moisturize is a two-step process. First I apply skin serum. Serums are thin in texture and said to be more powerful than regular moisturizers. I used to use the brightening serum from OLAY. Lately I discovered the ZA Emulsion and totally loving it.

After serum I apply Lotus white-glow gel cream which works wonderfully for my skin. It has a perfect texture for my skin and has improved my complexion a lot. The skin perfect cream from L’Oreal did break me out so I am using it on my neck these days just to finish this off. I use the Aloe Vera gel from Patanjali sometimes before serum for healing purpose when I get active breakouts.


I swear by this Biotique Bio papaya tan removing scrub! It is clay based scrub and does miracle for my skin. Generally I scrub every alternate day.
Apart from all this I keep Fabindia clove gel face pack handy to tame angry breakouts. I like to use it only on affected areas as over-night treatment and it works pretty good that way.


Taking care of my lips is a bit tricky. Any sort of tinted lip balm irritates my lips leaving ugly black patches. This color changing lip balm from Maybelline is the only exception. At night I use good old Boroline and wake up with softer and plumper lips!

So guys, that is pretty much everything about my skin care regime. Huff, it was quite a lengthy and picture-heavy post. I will share all the face packs and DIY recipes in a separate post.  In my wish list I have Forest Essentials and Kama Ayurveda products. Heard lot of raves about them and love all things herbal in my skin care. Do you have any product recommendation for me, which worked well for you? What is your skin care regime? Please share with us in the comment section.

I will stop here today and will come back soon with another post. Thanks for reading me and I love you all!!
Take care, stay beautiful.

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