Monday, 31 August 2015

My Monthly Beauty Favorites : August 2015

Monthly Beauty Favorites August 2015

Hi babes!

I still can’t believe August is over! Huh, Really? I mean, one whole month just passed in the blink of an eye!
To be honest, this month was pretty hectic for me. You know, the pressure of starting something new. The idea of setting up my own blog was a lonnnng cherished dream of mine. I am happy to see that fantasy to turn into reality in the form of this blog! I really am. Nothing ever gave me more satisfaction than pouring my heart out in the form of words and sentences on this blog :D

Anyhow, my today’s post is a compilation of some products I have enjoyed using throughout the month of August. In my list I have a combination of bath products, some skincare and of course MAKEUP! So, let’s just get started with them one by one...

Monthly Beauty Favorites August 2015

Skin Cottage Bath+Body Scrub Body Bath :

Skin Cottage Bath Plus Body Scrub Review Swatch

Now this is basically a body lotion with gel like consistency and lot of medium sized red and yellow granules floating all over which gives a mild scrubbing effect! It’s the floral fusion flavor from the range the brand offers and I love fresh floral scented bath products. The formula is really nice, lathers well and smells oh-so-fresh! Comes in a 400ml of tall bottle at a price tag of INR 349.

Zuci Junior Instant Hand Sanitizer:

Juci Junior Hand Sanitizer Muskmelon Review

I was totally sold on this cute little thingie when I first came across this! It is so small and so colorful and so so cute!! I am kind of hygiene freak and I always keep hand sanitizers handy no matter wherever I go. One bottle sits in my bed side trolley, one sits in my kitchen rack, one more in my makeup vanity, another in my office desk…  
The packaging of this baby is no doubt eye catching. As it claims, it does not dry out my hands unlike other sanitizers. And smells like a bowl of freshly cut muskmelon! Totally loving it!!

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening and Depigmentation Face Pack:

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening and Depigmentation Face Pack Review

As I said before, I have been pretty restless throughout the month and so it was difficult (read laziness) to take out time for my DIY face pack recipes. This face pack has been my regular rescuer from tired looking dull skin. The formula is great to work with, does not smell overpowering and imparts sort of glow and softness to my face post applying it.

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick Choco Latte:

Maybelline Colow Show Lipstick Choco Latte Review Swatch FOTD

I have been using this lipstick every single day lately. You might have heard me praising these lippies immensely here, in terms of texture, formula, color payoff etc. This particular shade is really unique brown with pinkish undertone which looks great with almost everything! Though the color payoff is crazy, but the shade itself is subtle enough to carry it to office everyday. The formula feels so comfortable on my slightly dry lips even without a lipbalm! Trust me guys, this baby deserves an entire blog post dedicated to it.

Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick Choco Latte Review Swatch FOTD

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation:

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation Review Swatch FOTD

When it comes to base makeup, MAC is THE brand for me. I was not using much base makeup lately because my skin was not behaving well. I was getting zits occasionally and so I restricted using any kind of cream or liquid base makeup products. So my routine was CTM followed by sunscreen and then this powder foundation and I was sorted! Simple, right? Being a foundation in powder form, it gives serious coverage but without looking powdery or cakey. I thing every makeup enthusiast is aware of how awesome this MAC gem is. The SA recommended the shade NC35 which looks slightly orange on me. I need little more yellow tint to match with my skin perfectly. So next time I will go for NC30.
I know this is pricey and these days MAC is crazily shooting up the pricing to a sky high level. But the performance it delivers makes it worth every buck you invest in it!

So ladies, this was the insight of the beauty goodies I have been adoring this month. I got few new products to try out for the coming month and I am really looking forward to it!

Do let me know by posting comments if you liked my list.

That’s it for today and I will be back very soon with another fun post!

Until then….. take care and stay beautiful!


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