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FABBAG August 2015 Review, Price, Product Details

Fab Bag August 2015 Review, Price, details

Hello all!
If you stalk me on Twitter then you might know that I was a bit disappointed with FABBAG crew! I was eagerly waiting for my this month’s fab bag to arrive. Seeing so many fellow bloggers raving about their bags on blogsphere made me extremely impatient. At the same time the courier through which my bag was supposed to be shipped made a minor mistake of misplacing my package!
But thankfully everything has been sorted now! FABBAG crew was helpful enough to get back to me promptly and follow up with the courier guys as well. My long wait finally has ended on a happy note!
Fab Bag August 2015 Review, Price, details

I hope you already know a lot about August FABBAG as I am probably the last blogger to talk about it. Never mind! Better late than never J

The theme of this month’s bag is Cast a Spell! Right from the bag to the products I got inside it, everything is magical about this month’s bag! The pale baby pink shiny pouch is such a stunner. I can’t wait to make it my arm candy!

Fab Bag August 2015 Review, Price, details

Inside the bag, I got total 5 products, a custom made product list and a mini FABBAG magazine. They have introduced three new brands Fran Wilson, Roots and Ital Veloce with this August FABBAG. The magazine is definitely a fun addition which contains detailed product information, offers, few DIY ideas, Q&A, contest alert and lot more things!

Fab Bag August 2015 Review, Price, details

Fran Wilson MOODmatcher lipstick in the shade ‘RED’

Fab Bag August 2015 Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick Red

The STAR Product!! FABBAG magazine describes it as ‘magic makeup’ which will react to our body chemistry! Basically the lipstick will take some color depending on our body temperature, pH balance etc, which means the color of the lipstick will vary from person to person. I got the shade ‘red’ which looks ravishing in the bullet. I am excited to try this out! It’s a full sized product which costs INR 590.
I did not swatch it here for you guys, because I am planning to do a separate swatch and LOTD post on this!

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil 

Fab Bag August 2015 Roots Argan Oil

It’s a tiny 5ml sample Argan oil which claims to repair, protect, style and shine. It is a leave in oil which is supposed to be applied on towel dried hair to tame frizz and deep nourishment. It also claims to act as a sun shield and heat protectant. 120ml full sized bottle costs INR 2000. I am yet to try this out.

Ital Velace  Fine Fragrance Mist ‘Valvatina’

Fab Bag August 2015 Ital Velace Body Mist

I got a cute tiny 12ml bottle of this body mist! Ideal for carrying around and smells absolutely divine! Neither too strong nor too mild and lasts really well as compared to other mists I have tried so far. I really like this kind of feminine floral scents! Full sized 210ml bottle costs INR 499.

Divo Eyelash Curler:

Fab Bag August 2015 Divo Eyelash Curler

The first eyelash curler in my stash! You heard it right. My eyelashes are naturally long and thick. So I never cared about them much. Even an occasional coat of mascara seemed to be luxury. But once I tried this, I realized how a difference an eyelash curler can create. I am thankful to FABBAG for including this item in the bag and introduce myself to the miracle tool named eyelash curler. I feel like this month’s bag was custom designed keeping my needs in mind :D

SaND for soapaholics – Oh Curcumal Face Cleanser

Fab Bag 2015 Sand for Soapaholic oh Curcumal Face Cleanser

It’s again a sample sized product but the quantity is sufficient to test the efficacy. This brand makes a range of handmade herbal cosmetics. This cleanser is 100% herbal containing Gram Flour, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Honey and some exotic blend of essential oil. Like it’s ingredient list, the product itself looks interesting and smells very herbal. It is supposed to be massaged on wet face followed by warm water rinse! Another exciting product.

All in all, I am super duper happy with August FABBAG. I am looking forward to try each one of the products I received! As of now, I am decided to buy the full sized pack of the body mist. I will decide about rest of the products once I start testing the samples.

Fab Bag August 2015 Review, Price, details

Ohh yeah! I found this cute renewal coupon of 10% discount if I extend my subscription! Thank you FABBAG. I will definitely put this into a good use.

Any thoughts on my August FABBAG?? Comment below J

Take care beauties, stay beautiful.


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