Sunday, 23 August 2015

Tip of the Week: Vol 2

My this week’s top tip is going to be about how to brighten your complexion and reduce patchiness of facial skin with a simple ingredient available in everyone’s kitchen, LEMON!

Lemon juice is rich in citric acid and packed with many more amazing ingredients like Vitamin b1, b2, b3, b5, C, iron, Calcium to name a few. Lemon has been treated as a natural skin lightening agent since ages because of its acidic properties. Regular usage of lemon juice on your skin will work as natural bleach which is not only safer than regular chemical bleaches available in the market, but also provides permanent result. My oily-combination and occasional acne prone skin loves lemon juice!

How I like to incorporate lemon juice in my skin care is as follows:

After washing my face, I take a cotton ball, rinse it in normal water and squeeze the excess. Then I take 10-12 drops of freshly cut lemon juice on that wet cotton ball and start applying it on my face in patting motion, concentrating on those areas where I prone to have open pores. If you have sensitive skin, then this may create stinging sensation but don’t worry. This will settle down in few minutes. If it still irritates, then make sure to add some water to the lemon juice to make it less concentrated. I generally follow with some Aloe Vera Gel (you can check this, thisthisthis and this ) because of the cooling and soothing feel it imparts. Then I go ahead with normal serum and moisturizer routine! I do this every night before hitting the bed and I have seen this trick work really well on myself. I even got compliments from my friends, asking me if I started to use any new skin care product because my skin looks lot better than usual. 

Few points to remember:

Ø  If your skin is extremely sensitive, make sure to dilute some water with the lemon juice before applying on face. Just do not squeeze the water fully from the cotton ball after rinsing!

Ø  Do this at night time only. DO NOT go under direct sunlight after applying lemon juice

Ø  Do not go overboard and apply too much of it. 10-12 drops is more than sufficient for entire face

Ø  I recommend to follow up with something having cooling effect on skin like cucumber juice or Aloe Vera gel

Ø  Once you are done, make sure to moisturize your face !

And voila! Say hello to clearer, tighter, brighter looking skin next day morning :D

Do try this and share your experience in the comment section !! If you follow any such easy beauty hack, do not forget to share that too !!

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Take care beauties, and stay beautiful!

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