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My Collection of Blushes : Affordable Blushes in Indian Market

Best Budget Blushes in Indian Market

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I will start this post with an honest confession that I used to be scared of applying blushes once upon a time. I used to think that it would look too made up or funny looking (clown type!). Back then I used to stock up on eye makeup and lip products, I used to experiment with different foundations and other base products BUT… but did not have a single blush in my makeup vanity! Then beauty blogs and YouTube makeup gurus became an integral part of my life and my makeup game changed.

Best Budget Blushes in India

First I started experimenting with my lipsticks as a blush and believe me when I say it, it does make a huge difference! I realized how blushes add an allover glow and freshness to the face. Skin looks so much more awake and healthy with that little bit of color! Then my hunt for budget blushes started and I came across the cuties called cheeky glow blushes Maybelline came up with. That is how my love affair with blushes started and the affection grew stronger with every passing day. I gathered courage to experiment more with different shades and textures.  In the following sections I will share my collection of blushes and some more stories ….
 Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in the Shade ‘Fresh Coral’

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush Fresh Coral

This was the first blush I ever purchased in my life! And till date it remains to be my favorite of the lot and my most used one. The shade in a universally flattering peachy pink which looks good with almost every lip color. The packaging is really cute and girly. The formula is buttery smooth and glides without being patchy. The pigmentation is ideal for a blush, neither too heavy nor too sheer. Therefore it is difficult to go overboard with this and that makes it apt for beginners. It is completely free from any shimmer. So you need to apply a separate highlighter if you like lot of sheen on your cheeks. This is my go-to everyday blush and as I said before, whenever I get confused with what blush to wear, I straightaway reach out for this one!

Price: INR 275 for 7gm of product.
Where to buy: FlipkartAmazon (Currently on discount)

Lakme 9 to 5 Pure Rouge Blusher in the shade ‘Ginger Surprise’

Lakme 9 to 5 Rogue Blusher Ginger Surprise

I have seen Lakme brand ambassador Sara Jane Dias mentioning this blush as her favorite in many of Lakme videos. The shade is warm peachy brown with golden shimmer which imparts a healthy glow to the face without looking OTT. One thing I like about Lakme is that they never go wrong with the shades. They always come up with colors specially keeping golden Indian skin in mind. The formula is silky soft and goes on smoothly on the cheeks. But the pigmentation is on the heavier side so chances are there to go overboard if not applied with light hand. It is good enough to get doubled up as an eyeshadow and looks stunning on brown eyes! This is no doubt a gorgeous blush shade for Indian yellowish skin.

Price: INR 450 for 6gm of product.
Where to buy: Flipkart .

Coloressence Blusher SH-4

Coloressence Highlighter Blusher SH4

I have read some good reviews about Coloressence blushes on other blogs and they are priced very reasonably. So I went ahead and bought this.The shade is a mauvy pink one with minute silver shimmer. The formula is smooth and soft. The pigmentation is bit heavy for my complexion but looks too good on slightly duskier skin.

Price: INR 250 for 5gm of product.
Where to buy: Flipkart (on discount) , Amazon

 NYX Rouge Cream Blush in the shade ‘Red Cheeks’

NYX Rogue Cream Blush Red Cheeks

NYX makes some of the most awesome blush shades and their rouge cream range is well hyped among makeup enthusiasts. This shade looks little scary to be a blush shade in the pot but looks amazing on fair skin if blended properly. The formula is creamy and gets blended well just with few finger patting. It is a delight to use this blush in winter. After all we all love creamy pink cheeks, don’t we? The color is intense fuchsia pink and quite moisturizing. So it makes a very beautiful lip stain as well. If you shy away from bright red lipstick, then this could be your safest bet!

Price: USD 5, in India it is available on Amazon.in
Where to buy: Amazon.in

Best Budget Blushes in India Review Swatch

Few Blush Tips and Tricks that Always Work:

Ø  Matching your blush color with your lipstick color is always a good idea. It helps to make your makeup look well put together.

Ø  I always use blush and lipstick from the same color family, If not the exact same shade and some contrasting color on my eyes.

Ø  If you do not have a matching blush shade with your lipstick, make your lipstick work as a blush too! Apply few dots of it on your cheekbone and then blend it with fingers in upward motion going towards the temples.

Ø  Be careful with the texture. Oily skin should use powder blushes whereas dry skin should use cream ones. If you have open pores on your cheeks, stay away from shimmery blushes as it may emphasize your pores further.

Ø  While applying blush, make sure to dust some on the tip of nose, middle of forehead and end of chin as well for that all over glow!

So these are the blushes I have with me at this moment, ladies. As per my plan, I am going to get the other two shades from Maybelline Cheeky Glow range sometime soon. On my wishlist I have kept few classic shades from MAC like fleur power, Melba, Harmony, Dollymix….

I hope you liked my compilation. Do you have any story related to blushes? Are you a regular blush wearer? What is your favorite blush shade? I would love to know all these. So please keep commenting and make me happy!!

That’s it for today guys, Will see you all very soon.

Until next time, take care and stay beautiful.


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